Increasing Importance of Inflatable Products

As the name suggests inflatable products can be anything and everything that is capable of floating and is filled with substances like gases (helium, hydrogen or nitrous oxide) or they are made of substance like nylon fabric and rubber that makes them floatable.

Inflatable products are in vogue due to a number of reasons:

The nature of some sports is that it needs equipment that is capable of inflating to prohibit injury.
The nature of some activities requires products that can float on surfaces.

Some of these examples can be Paddle board and Inflatable Gym Mat.

Paddle Board:

A paddle board is essential for a starter (can even be a kid) who wants to learn boating or kayaking. A nature explorer can well be in the habit of learning such a tool that can enable him/her to explore the waterways. For that purpose a heavy wooden or metal board can be a hindrance whereas a light weighing board that can be pumped in with air is easy for rowing.


Coming in different sizes varying from as long as 9.6 to 11.6 feet, it can challenge the traditional boards with its efficiency.

It comes with central or two side fin boxes.

It is apt for surfing too.

It can row in Flat water.

It comes with a sturdy webbing handle.


Portable. Easy to compress and inflate.
It can bear the weight of a child as well as an adult.
It is user friendly and portable.

Gym Mat:

A gym mat is a product that allows gymnasts to practice properly without straining their muscles. It aids a gymnast to perform better than the traditional trampoline and foam mats.


The pressure is customizable according to the need of the sport.

The material used is PVC that provides it a strengthened body.

Easy to install and de-install.

Other accessories are given along with the mat like plugs, air blower and repair kits.


Customizable pressure.
Can be used by gymnasiums, sports complex and recreational groups.
Can be inflated or deflated according to use.
Durable fabric.


Inflatable products are in vogue. They are not only efficient, but more economical than the traditional counterparts. They allow the freedom to practice with greater effectiveness and easiness than the normal ones. Be it comfort level, the portability or experimental capacity, these engineered tools are allowing everything to be nothing but secondary in nature.

They are being researched upon and constant innovation is making them the unrivaled products that are not only trending but setting the standards of a new era of infrastructure in the indoor as well as outdoor adventure sports. The definition of sporting is getting redefined as the products are not only user friendly but also economical and portable. All those who have the hobby of surfing or doing even a simple exercise can walk into the store or order online.

The availability and the serving spirit are making an initiative in enabling every individual to have a physical pursuit without worrying about the cost of it.

Why the Use of Newspaper Ads and Yellow Pages Is Obsolete

Why are many businesses not achieving their goals these economic days? There are many answers to this question but do the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads form of business advertising still work? Are there businesses that are still using these forms of advertising to gunner traffic? The answer might be a Yes or No. The fact is that there has been a radical change that has taken place in this industry which has left the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads to diminish.

Newspapers thought they had taken a position in the economy and they thought they will continue to dominate the market. But all this changed with technology. Instead of changing the business and marketing structure, yellow pages and newspapers started blaming the economy. Currently many people are reading news electronically, watching TVs thus they don’t read more as they used to.

Newspaper ads and yellow pages aren’t being used these days because some industries like travel and catering have tipped. The consumer shift in these industries has resulted to them not to use yellow pages ads anymore because no customer that will contact them. As a result they are now using online tools to engage dental customers and also they’ve made buying of their services easier and affordable. This is one reason to why a good number of consumers have disconnected their landlines.

The ads placed in newspapers and yellow pages aren’t consistent. For any business to succeed, heavy investment is required. You have to commit yourself financially just like you commit yourself to working out. This is not a onetime thing. And because newspapers and yellow pages will charge for that small space to place your ad, many businesses are now using different form of advertising.

Another reason to why the use of yellow pages ads and newspapers ads are obsolete is because the ads are like novels. You’ll find advertisers have written every word and feature just to compensate that space for they have paid for it; not knowing that readers are overwhelmed and pass on such ads. The ads are supposed to focus on the top benefits of the business or services that are offered. Images and texts should be kept short.

The ads do not get the reader’s attention. Let’s take an example of an electronic ad that is showing products that you can find from business A and an ad in a newspaper that has images of those products you can find in business B. Lets’ be honest to each other, which one will you go for? Possible you’ll go in for the electronic one because it has captured your attention. The ads headlines in newspapers do not capture the attention of the reader. Also generation has pushed the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads to an extinct position because, if you look at those who are about to retire have worked without computers, cell phones etc, but the current generation has incorporated a new way of thinking and has used technology to accelerate innovation greatly.

The newspaper circulation is also low thus few people will be able to read see ads placed in them. Those who have been reading newspapers (old age) are the ones who will or must read a newspaper are the ones who will see these ads.

Why One Is The Most Dangerous Number In Business

Dear Friend,

Recently I had a client who came to me in desperate need of more business.

Here’s the story…

He had been in the construction business for only a short time, two years to be exact. And during that time he got off to a flying start.

He was inundated with a constant flow of work from the only client he had. He had a predictable stream of income and never had to worry about being out of work…

That was until his client decided to retire and drive off into the sunset.

In the blink of an eye my client was out of work and his income dried up.

What’s worse is that he had zero knowledge on how to market his business effectively.

That’s when he came to me and asked me to put things right… (which I did of course).

What does this have to do with you?

If you’re a business owner and you’re only relying on one freelance copywriter, then you’re making a massive mistake.

Here’s how it goes.

Any decent freelance copywriter will have more than a few clients on his books and will almost always be busy masterminding their next winner.

You see, creating copy takes an immense amount of time and research. And in order for us copywriters to keep our clients happy and craft copy that generates a bushel of money, we must give all of our attention to one project at a time.

And when the time comes for you to call on your copywriter to whip up a winner (because you’re in need of a fast cash flow surge etc)…

You’ll have to wait!

Meaning that you could be missing out on much needed business.

Listen, the business world is moving at a 100 miles an hour and you need to constantly be moving and keeping up with your competition. Only having one copywriter on your books will severely handicap you.

The time WILL come when you urgently need your copywriter to bash out a winner.

You need to seriously consider having at least two top drawer copywriters on your books that you can call upon whenever you want.

This way you’ll never have to put anything on hold because of someone else’s work schedule and you’ll KNOW that your copywriter is going to get to work on producing a blockbuster piece of copy for you almost immediately.