Why the Use of Newspaper Ads and Yellow Pages Is Obsolete

Why are many businesses not achieving their goals these economic days? There are many answers to this question but do the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads form of business advertising still work? Are there businesses that are still using these forms of advertising to gunner traffic? The answer might be a Yes or No. The fact is that there has been a radical change that has taken place in this industry which has left the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads to diminish.

Newspapers thought they had taken a position in the economy and they thought they will continue to dominate the market. But all this changed with technology. Instead of changing the business and marketing structure, yellow pages and newspapers started blaming the economy. Currently many people are reading news electronically, watching TVs thus they don’t read more as they used to.

Newspaper ads and yellow pages aren’t being used these days because some industries like travel and catering have tipped. The consumer shift in these industries has resulted to them not to use yellow pages ads anymore because no customer that will contact them. As a result they are now using online tools to engage dental customers and also they’ve made buying of their services easier and affordable. This is one reason to why a good number of consumers have disconnected their landlines.

The ads placed in newspapers and yellow pages aren’t consistent. For any business to succeed, heavy investment is required. You have to commit yourself financially just like you commit yourself to working out. This is not a onetime thing. And because newspapers and yellow pages will charge for that small space to place your ad, many businesses are now using different form of advertising.

Another reason to why the use of yellow pages ads and newspapers ads are obsolete is because the ads are like novels. You’ll find advertisers have written every word and feature just to compensate that space for they have paid for it; not knowing that readers are overwhelmed and pass on such ads. The ads are supposed to focus on the top benefits of the business or services that are offered. Images and texts should be kept short.

The ads do not get the reader’s attention. Let’s take an example of an electronic ad that is showing products that you can find from business A and an ad in a newspaper that has images of those products you can find in business B. Lets’ be honest to each other, which one will you go for? Possible you’ll go in for the electronic one because it has captured your attention. The ads headlines in newspapers do not capture the attention of the reader. Also generation has pushed the use of newspaper ads and yellow pages ads to an extinct position because, if you look at those who are about to retire have worked without computers, cell phones etc, but the current generation has incorporated a new way of thinking and has used technology to accelerate innovation greatly.

The newspaper circulation is also low thus few people will be able to read see ads placed in them. Those who have been reading newspapers (old age) are the ones who will or must read a newspaper are the ones who will see these ads.